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New Physiotherapy CPD project gets London 2012 Inspire mark

9 October 2009

Dr Nicki Phillips - Team GB

Dr Nicki Phillips - Chief Physiotherapist for Team GB 2008 Bejing Olympics.

With the 2012 Olympic Games getting closer, the Welsh Assembly Government has been working hard to develop legacy initiatives for Wales, mainly based around health and culture. Part of that initiative has been to aim to persuade countries that Wales would be the ideal place to base their preparation camps before heading into the main competition. So far, 3 countries have confirmed that they will be basing themselves in South Wales prior to the Paralympic Games. They are Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

In line with this initiative and following an identified need from the support teams of these countries, Tony Everett and Nicki Phillips have put together a CPD programme to provide a training programme for physiotherapy students and new graduates to develop knowledge and skills in disability sport. They will then be in a position to be work as volunteers, in a variety of capacities, with these teams during their preparations for London.

There is an obvious legacy benefit with this programme as it:

  1. allows physiotherapists who will probably not have sufficient experience to volunteer in London to play an active role in the Olympics.
  2. provides training and experience in disability sport which will be taken back into the NHS potentially increases volunteering activity in disability sport way beyond 2012.

The project has received some financial help from WAG (£10K) and has now been awarded the London 2012 Inspire
mark. This is a prestigious award which has been allowed by the International Olympic Committee for the first time at the London 2012 Olympics. It is a way of acknowledging initiatives that have been inspired by the Olympic ideals and will provide a legacy for the regions where they are based. The project “ Physiotherapists supporting athletes across all abilities”, due to start in November, is the first sport and volunteering project throughout the UK to receive this award, as all previous projects have been linked to cultural activities.