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Year 1 - Level 3

Primarily, Level 3 study will be concerned with providing students with opportunity to explore the concepts and principles that underpin surgical care practice. Students will be guided to develop a questioning and reflective approach as applied to practice during the clinical placements. Professional concepts will be studied alongside anatomy, pharmacology, physiology and technology. The year will include aspects of pre, intra and post-operative practice.

Students will be provided with the opportunities to develop skills needed to acquire, retrieve and construct knowledge and understand the concepts of surgical care practice and the role of the Surgical Care Practitioner. They will provide evidence of their clinical learning and acquisition of skills through the development of a clinical portfolio. Transferable skills, including critical and analytical thinking, team-working skills and skills in communication and information and communication technology are essential to be successful in following this Programme of study; in particular, such skills are essential in enabling students to make a smooth transition into M Level study.

Level 3 Modules