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The Neuroscience of Human Movement and Dysfunction - 30 credits (HCT240)

Module leader

Sue Richardson


Shared module for Healthcare Professions.

Programme Pathway

Core module for MSc Neurorehabilitation , optional module for MSc in Occupational Therapy , MSc in Physiotherapy.  Stand alone module for Healthcare Professions

Prior learning

Students must possess a first degree or UK diploma in a Healthcare subject and have at  least 2 years post registration experience and with evidence of continuing professional development in neurological rehabilitation

Credit rating

30 at M level 

Notional learning time

300 hours 

Contact hours



To explain the functioning of the neuromuscular system in health and disease through molecular, cell, network and system levels using a structured critical and analytical review of contemporary neuroscience literature related to evidence
To recognise the relevance of current concepts in neuroscience to neurological rehabilitation after developmental and acquired central and peripheral nervous system damage and the effect of nervous system disorders on other body systems.