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Our research aims to tackle the psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders that are major causes of death and disability.


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Jane Hodge fellows appointed

10 August 2015

The Jane Hodge Foundation is supporting the creation of the Jane Hodge Neuroscience Research Fellows Programme here at the Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute at Cardiff University. 

Can genetics find a 'cure' for autism?

10 August 2015

We live in an age of genetics. Major genetic success stories such as breakthroughs in treating cystic fibrosis and breast cancer inspire hope that it can one day provide a cure for all ills.

Winner of the President's Poster Prize at BAP

5 August 2015

Our very own Wellcome Trust PhD Researcher, Lucy Sykes, scooped the President's Poster Prize this year at the British Association of Psychopharmacology (BAP) summer meeting in July.


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