Data protection

Cardiff University is registered with the Information Commissioner to process personal data for specific purposes (Registration Z6549747).

Personal data is any data from which a living individual can be identified.

Data Protection Act

The processing of personal data is covered by the Data Protection Act. This governs what personal data the University can collect, how it may use the data and to whom it can disclose the data.

For further information about how the University uses your personal data, please see the:

The Act also gives individuals the right to see what information an organisation stores about them and other rights in respect of the processing of their personal data.

You can apply to see the personal data that Cardiff University holds about you.

Our data protection policy

Data Protection policy

Data Protection policy

1 June 2015

The purpose of the Data Protection Policy is to clarify the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 in the context of Cardiff University.


Information we provide to HESA

The University is regularly required to provide the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) with information about its staff and students.

The types of information disclosed and the use that HESA makes of that information is described by HESA under their collection notices.