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Year Abroad

From September 2015 all Single Honours Mathematics students will have the opportunity of spending a year at a university abroad. This includes both universities in Europe, as part of the Erasmus+ scheme, and universities around the world including the USA, Canada and Australia.

Our degree schemes are extremely flexible meaning that students can decide during year 2 of their degrees whether they wish to spend a year abroad. Note that the year spent abroad will contribute 10% of your final degree classification and will be an extra year i.e. students will spend 2 years at Cardiff, go abroad for a year and then return to Cardiff for either one year (for BSc students) or two years (for MMath students).

The fee for spending a year abroad is just 15% of your normal tuition fee.  Students are also eligible for additional funding of 350 to 400 euros per month for Erasmus+ students. Students going elsewhere may be awarded between £600 and £800 towards their costs.

Cardiff University has established a Global Opportunities Centre to assist students to study, work or volunteer abroad.

There is information about some of the universities you can visit as a maths student here.

For more details about this scheme, please contact Dr Andreas Artemiou ( or Dr Jonathan Thompson (