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Mathematical physicist wins Anne Bennett Prize

25 June 2024

Dr Ana Ros Camacho has been awarded the Anne Bennett Prize by the London Mathematical Society for her contributions to mathematical physics and for her ongoing efforts to promote women in the field.

Dr Ros Camacho, a lecturer in our school, focuses on understanding complex concepts in quantum algebra and mathematical physics. Her work on the Landau-Ginzburg/Conformal Field Theory correspondence has taken a major step forward by showing a deeper connection between certain mathematical structures. This advancement sets a new benchmark for future research in the field.

Beyond her research, Dr Ros Camacho is a dedicated advocate for women and minorities in mathematics and mathematical physics. She has mentored numerous young female scientists and has been instrumental in organising local and international equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) activities.

In 2019, Dr Ros Camacho lead the creation of the Women in Mathematical Physics network, which connected junior and senior women in the field through workshops at the Banff International Research Station in 2020 and 2023.

Recently, Dr Ros Camacho co-founded the Association of Women in Mathematical Physics, an independent non-profit society aimed at advancing the goals she has championed throughout her career. Her efforts have significantly impacted the landscape of mathematical physics, making it more inclusive and supportive for women scientists.

The Anne Bennett Prize recognises outstanding contributions to mathematics and the promotion of women in the field, and Dr Ros Camacho’s achievements in both these areas make her a deserving recipient of this year’s award.

I am truly honoured to have received this award, highlighting the importance of both my research and my activism in EDI. I really cannot conceive one without the other, since both aim to connect different worlds to make a more beautiful, united one! This prize gives me the wings to continue.
Dr Ana Ros Camacho Lecturer

The award was officially announced during the London Mathematical Society (LMS) general meeting on 28 June and a ceremony presentation of diplomas will take place at the LMS annual general meeting on 22 November.

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