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MAT003 - Communication and Research Skills

Catalogue Entry

This module aims to develop the skills required for communicating work (such as writing a report or giving an oral presentation) and for undertaking research.  Students will gain an appreciation of the principles of working in OR and Statistics, and the necessary skills required for employment in these fields.  Key skills workshops will encourage team building, time-keeping and presentational skills.  Students will work in groups to tackle a real-life problem as posed by an external organisation during a case-study day. 

Students will develop the skills required for researching, writing and presenting a report in OR/Statistics, by undertaking an individual assignment to produce a literature review paper and give a short oral presentation on a topic of their choice (this could be on more theoretical topics, for example bootstrapping methods, neural networks, Martingales, heuristic methods etc.; or a review of OR/Statistics applications for example in transportation, defence, pharmaceuticals, healthcare etc.)




Professor P R Harper

Recommended Books

Relevant material and further reading suggestions will be provided during the module.

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