Graduation week is a time to celebrate the success of our students with peers, family and friends. Our 2016 ceremonies run from Monday 11 July to Friday 15 July.

Discover how to prepare for the day and what to expect when it arrives.

After graduation

Graduation may mark the end of your current studies, but it isn't goodbye. As a graduate we continue to offer you services and support after you have left us.

Planning your graduation

Graduation week is a busy and exciting time for our students, guests and staff. We want all attendees to enjoy this occasion, marking a proud moment for our students as they celebrate the culmination of their hard studies.


Find out the date and time of your ceremony, discover what happens during the ceremony, or watch the live webcast as it happens.

School events

Academic Schools run their own events to celebrate the achievements of their students. These are in addition to the main graduation ceremonies.