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Emergency Procedures

On discovering a fire:

  • Sound the alarm by breaking the glass at the nearest call-point
  • Call for assistance
  • Turn off gas and electrical equipment
  • Close doors and windows
  • Leave the building by the nearest available exit
  • Attack fire only if safe to do so
  • Always use the correct extinguisher and only if trained to do so

On hearing the alarm:

  • Leave the building by the nearest available exit
  • Close all windows and doors behind you
  • Do not stop to collect personal belongings
  • Do not use the lifts
  • Dial 999 for Fire Brigade

After leaving the building:

  • Move well away from the building
  • Leave clear access for Emergency Services
  • Do not attempt to re-enter the building until given the all clear
  • Assemble in the Parade on the pavement beyond the barrier if necessary

All personnel must familiarise themselves with the position of the fire alarms. Any use of an extinguisher must be notified to the Support Services Manager.

Explosion, Major Spillage, or Other Imminent Danger

  • Evacuate the room.
  • If an incident occurs beyond the capability of the individuals at hand or if danger threatens the surrounding area, sound the fire alarm and evacuate the building.
  • Call for assistance for any injured person or send under escort to the Health Centre or the University Hospital of Wales Accident and Emergency Department as appropriate - see under 'Accident or Dangerous Occurrence'

In the event of an explosion, major spillage, or any other type of 'major' incident, contact the Director of School or the Support Services Manager.