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Enhancing biodiversity in Trevithick gardens: a community initiative

25 March 2024

Trevithick gardens, nestled within the grounds around our school, has become a haven for local wildlife, thanks to the efforts of our engineering technicians and enthusiastic volunteers.

During Cardiff University’s Sustainability Week, staff, students and members of the community came together to create an environment conducive to supporting nature. Some of the projects included:

  1. Building homes for wildlife workshop - Engineering technicians Mr Steve Mead, Ms Amy Parnell, and Mr Sam Moeller supervised a workshop on 6 March with eight volunteers to craft wildlife homes.
  2. Bench restoration project – On 7 March engineering technician Mr Steven Rankmore worked with four volunteers to restore an old wooden bench located within Trevithick gardens. Tasks involved sanding and varnishing.
  3. Plant, pot and place initiative - To infuse more life into Trevithick gardens, this community initiative on 7 March called upon individuals to donate outdoor plants and pots. Staff and students planted and positioned the greenery around Trevithick gardens.
  4. Creating wildlife habitats - Continuing the commitment to biodiversity, a special event was scheduled for 9 March. Volunteers were invited to help install bird houses, bug hotels, hedgehog houses, and a water station, transforming Trevithick gardens into a sanctuary for local wildlife.

It's wonderful to see such fantastic work being done at Trevithick gardens. The involvement and dedication of everyone during Sustainability Week have been exemplary. The transformation of the gardens showcases our school’s commitment to sustainability and collaboration.
Professor Jianzhong Wu Head of School, Engineering.

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