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Impact at the School of Engineering

We are committed to conducting innovative research that can be used to solve modern problems and improve quality of life.

Our research is supported by world-class facilities that can be used to explore models, materials, systems and technologies. Partnerships with industry and public sector organisations facilitate the implementation of this research into practical and commercially viable applications.

The following case studies illustrate some of the research that is taking place at the School and the benefits it is providing for society and the economy on a local and global scale.

Creating sustainable buildings and infrastructure

Our new technology for the intelligent management of energy and resources has been used worldwide.

Protecting power networks against failure

Our monitoring and measurement techniques have been included in international electrical standards and best practices.

Setting new emissions standards for cleaner skies

Our work is helping to improve local air quality and reduce the health impacts of air pollution.

Reducing the effects of flooding and flood water contamination

Our research is helping to improve flood resilience and reduce the health risks associated with flooding.

Maximising the benefits of the UK’s wind farms

Our research is helping to modernise energy transmission across the UK and Europe and push us towards the target of net zero carbon emissions.