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Academic Staff

Dr Stephen Barker

Stephen Barker joined the School in February 2006 after spending two years at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory where he held a Lamont-Doherty postdoctoral fellowship. Prior to that he was at Cambridge University where he completed his PhD in ocean geochemistry and spent a year as a Gary Comer postdoctoral fellow.

With an undergraduate degree in Geology, Steve has a wide interest in paleoclimate reconstruction and mechanisms over a range of timescales with a major focus on the ice ages of the Late Pleistocene. Steve has developed and worked with various proxies for reconstructing past ocean conditions and has combined this expertise with his interest in other climate archives (e.g. ice cores) to improve our understanding of climate change on millennial timescales (including so-called abrupt climate change). Any research into Earth’s climate cannot ignore the global carbon cycle and atmospheric CO2. Steve’s research into this fascinating area includes the future consequences of ocean acidification as well as the mysteries of past CO2 variability.