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Equality, diversity and inclusivity

Watch our equality and diversity film.

We are committed to enhancing diversity and promoting equality in all of our practices and activities.

We aim to establish an inclusive, supportive and welcoming environment that respects the dignity of staff and students of all ages, ethnicities, disabilities, family structures, genders, nationalities, sexual orientations, races, religious or other beliefs, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Our values

Working alongside the University’s Strategic Equality Plan, we are committed to:

  • recognising, respecting and valuing differences in the ways we work and interact with others
  • encouraging non-discriminatory practices by eliminating and discriminating against equality and upholding key values of dignity, courtesy and respect
  • providing access to opportunities for all students and staff.

We intend to exemplify best practice through a range of activities including:

We value the benefits associated with the different backgrounds, experiences, views, beliefs and cultures of staff and students in our School community and appreciate how this enhances our working environment and reputation.

Professor Ian Hall Head of School, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Research Professor