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Soft Tissue Repair and Regeneration

Key findings, achievements and areas of work:

Scarless healing

Scarless healing

  • Characterisation of the genotypic/ phenotypic profiles of fibroblasts in scar-free (healing) wounds (£42K RCSEd/RCSI; 2006, European Cell Society Young Investigator prize)
  • The isolation and characterisation of stem cells from oral mucosa, leading from the work of MACKENZIE (£98K BBSRC; £142K Smokeless Tobacco; £93K Wellcome Trust) has delivered multi-potent oral stem cells for future clinical use (2007 BSDR Colgate Prize)
  • Studies in protease and oxidative stress modification in disease led to the characterisation of patented therapies and biomarkers of healing (£216K Johnson & Johnson; patents EP1245239 U.S. US2003040690)
  • Established a unique resource of novel, immortalised reporter cell populations for drug-screening/targeting in human disease (£143K Diabetes UK; £61K Dr Hadwen Trust; £234K MRC/NC3R)
  • Production of the first polymer/drug conjugates to stimulate healing (£84K Healing Foundation; 2006 International Polymer Therapeutics Society Young Investigator Prize) and an immediate, real-time reporter system for clinical analytes (£1.45M EPSRC)

Group Members