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National Violence Surveillance Network


Director: Dr Vaseekaran Sivarajasingam

This Network, based at Cardiff University, consists of 64 Emergency Departments (EDs) in England and Wales willing to share anonymous data on violence-related injury.  Official police violence statistics and violence surveys have traditionally been the only national sources of information about violent crime in England and Wales.  Several single centre studies based in local EDs have demonstrated the potential for measuring violence using ED data.  From the public health perspective this is an essential step in refining an NHS-based national data source to identify local and national trends in community violence.

The Network conforms in all aspects with the principles of the WHO Violence Prevention Alliance, i.e. to target the root causes and risk factors for violence by public health means [1].

Why should EDs contribute?

  • Most violence is not reported to the police
  • Trends in violence are not clear
  • To help local communities through local data sharing

Advantages of Membership

  • Raised ED profile through publications and presentations
  • Data advice
  • Helps local community
  • Contributes to understanding trends in violence
  • Provides links with other violence prevention initiatives

Conditions of membership

  • Provide high quality data
  • Share data regularly
  • Commitment to local community

[1] Violence Prevention Alliance. Geneva. WHO 2005