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Dr Vaseekaran Sivarajasingam 

Career Profile

Present appointments

2006                 Senior Lecturer in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Cardiff University

                        Honorary Consultant, Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust

Previous appointments

1995                 House Officer, Tayside NHS Trust

1995/1996         Resident Senior House Officer, Newcastle General Hospital

1996/1997         Resident Senior House Officer, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol

1997 – 2001      Clinical Lecturer/ Honorary Senior House Officer, Cardiff University/Cardiff & Vale NHS Trust

2001 - 2006       Clinical Lecturer/Honorary Specialist Registrar, Cardiff University/Cardiff & Vale NHS Trust

Memberships / External Activities

  • British Association for Dental Research
  • International Association for Dental Research
  • Association of British Academic Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
  • Higher Education Academy

Teaching Profile

  • Chair of the “Teachers in Oral Diseases”
  • Organiser of Introduction to Oral Surgery Symposium
  • Development of the Oral surgery undergraduate programme
  • Development of competencies in Oral Surgery 
  • Development and implementation of student portfolios

Awards / Prizes

  • Damian Mechan academic prize
  • Undergraduate Colgate Prize (National BSDR Award)
  • John James Prize