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Mrs Maria Morgan 

Research projects

  • Information requirements of the Community Dental Service (Sept 1998), my involvement here culminated in my being a Welsh Assembly representative at Department of Health meetings related to this issue.
  • CDS/GDS Update Report, (Aug 2001) – this evaluation report resulted in additional funding being awarded to the initiative at the time, a precursor to PDS in Wales.

Fissure Sealant Programme Evaluation Reports, (Apr 2004, ongoing).  These reports prompted considerable debate on the effectiveness of the programme, especially in relation to its delivery. Consequently, those implementing the programme have revisited their methods to try to improve effectiveness and efficiency. 

Selected Projects

  • A qualitative study of children’s understandings and motivations surrounding novelty sweets -to determine how children conceptualise novelty sweets and their motivations for buying and consuming them. Awarded £2,110 from Colgate
  • Welsh Oral Health Information lead role: I undertake the work of the Welsh Oral Health Information Unit which provides information on oral epidemiology to the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) which is used to inform Welsh oral health policy.  I am all Wales lead for Oral Health Information (Epidemiology and Oral Health Data Management) as defined by the All Wales Dental Public Health Team of the NPHS
  • Worked to secure annual recurring funding from WAG - £50K annually, approximately.
  • Cardiff food and health strategy lead role: On behalf of Cardiff Health Alliance I am leading the work on the development and implementation of a Food and Health Strategy for the city of Cardiff. £10K
  • Association of Geographical Information Cymru steering group member and contributor to strategy document.