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Dr Katja Hill 

Position:Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Telephone:+44 (0)29 2074 4252

Research Theme

Tissue Engineering & Reparative Dentistry

Research Group

Microbial Effects on Tissue Function, and Tissue Repair and Remodelling

Research Interests

My current research has focused on wound microbiology and ecology, and its relevance to wound healing.  This has included the use of culture-independent approaches to clinical microbiology and the involvement of uncultivable prokaryotes in wounds.  Recent work has focused on biofilms in wounds, including the use of in vitro tissue models to assess the invasive properties of Candida albicans and antimicrobial testing of in vitro wound biofilms.  Other areas of interest include molecular characterisation and taxonomy of anaerobes and a long standing interest in plasmid biology and mobile genetic elements.


Selected Projects

  1. EPSRC (2006-2009) Improving chronic wound healing with intelligent dressings
  2. Dental School-Funded Studentship (2006-2011)  Antimicrobial resistance and bacterial succession in chronic wounds
  3. Dental School Studentship (2004-2007)  Characterisation of microorganisms in biofilms and tissue models
  4. Johnson and Johnson (2004-2006) Wound Healing Research