Love Grangetown

Community researchers interviewed over 100 local residents. Their aim was to find out what people love about Grangetown.

Love GT girl

The idea

“To celebrate the diversity, favourite places and memories of Grangetown, whilst engaging with community representatives from across the area to agree how Cardiff University should invest £90,000 in Grangetown.

All investments were to lead to long-term partnerships between Cardiff University and local residents in order to make Grangetown an even better place to live.”

What we did

15 fantastic community researchers aged 16 -70+ from a range of diverse communities across Grangetown interviewed over 100 local residents. Their aim was to find out what people love about Grangetown. The community researchers took to the streets, visited temples, mosques, Bingo nights, parks and youth centres. On 9 May 2015, everyone in the area was invited to attend an event to look at the research findings and come up with a plan of local activities which the University could invest in.


  • Community members identified 9 key themes for investment and future partnerships: Community Spaces, Provision for Young People, Safer Grangetown, Healthy and Active Grangetown, Clean Streets and Green spaces, Friendly Community, Communication without Barriers, Work and Shop Locally and Road Respect.
  • On 9 May 2015, over 27 people volunteered to take part in Community Gateway activities and six people agreed to lead projects with us.
  • Before the event on 9 May 2015, 50% of people interviewed said they felt neutral or unhappy about living in Grangetown, 88% people said they felt neutral or didn’t know what their community was working towards, 82% felt neutral or unhappy about how connected they were to their local community and 65% felt neutral or unhappy about how connected they were to Cardiff University.
  • After the event 100% of people said they felt happy about living in the area and knew what their community was working towards, more than 50% felt connected to the wider community and 99% felt connected to Cardiff University.


Community Gateway spent most of 2015 building connections between the Project Leads who came forward on 9 May 2015 and members of Cardiff University. Partnerships and activities which responded to the nine themes and linked to Cardiff University’s research or teaching were funded or supported and currently there are over 30 live projects running.

Love Grangetown 2018

The next Love Grangetown will take place on Saturday 28 April 14:00-18:00.

Come and meet our community-university partnerships, find out what's been happening over the last year and what's planned for the coming year with partnership projects such as the Grange Pavilion redevelopment, Grangetown Business Forum and World Market, mental health awareness and support, safety and crime prevention, environmental monitoring, bees and urban honey, the Grangetown Youth Forum and peer mentoring, and many free kids activities, crafts and music.

To register for the event or to keep up to date please visit the Facebook event page

Love Grangetown 2017

On Saturday 13 May 2017, Cardiff University’s Community Gateway team and partners held a key public consultation, Love Grangetown 2017 at the Grange Pavilion.

The changes that have taken place in Grangetown as part of the Community Gateway programme were showcased to residents, volunteers and partners. There were stalls, themed activities and plenty of opportunities to share opinions and feed into the project (as well as ample servings of tea and cake!). There were also musical delights from local talent including singer-songwriter Leighton Jones, poet Topher Mills, rapper/grime act Sonny Double 1 and street dancer Tiny Shubz.

Love Grangetown has been running as an annual consultation since 2015 and feedback from the community at each event has been invaluable in shaping Community Gateway. The information gathered during Love Grangetown 2017 will be used to inform the development of Stage 2 of the Big Lottery Fund application which aims to redesign the Grange Pavilion, transforming it into an invaluable space for all the community to use.


Love Grangetown 2016

Love Grangetown 2016 took place on 30 April 2016 and was well attended by local residents. The event showcased all the projects that have been supported by Community Gateway and gained essential feedback, opinions and ideas from the people of Grangetown. Grangetown residents also made pledges to help make Grangetown an even better place.

Love Grangetown 2017