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The press release circulated by the Cardiff University public relations team has inspired someone to create a wikipedia page.

The School of Chemistry web pages have higlighted our new paper on enzyme mechanisms. We show that although a particular dihydrofolate mutant has previously been termed a 'dynamic knock-out' enzyme with reduced motions on a millisecond timescale, it is better considered to be a 'dynamic knock-in'.

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Chemical biology is the application of chemical techniques to solve biological problems. In the Allemann laboratories we apply a range of chemical techniques to answer questions relating to the extraordinary catalytic power of enzymes and the control of biological processes.

We are always seeking bright and highly motivated students and postdocs to join our dynamic, multidisciplinary research group to work on any of our current projects. Informal enquiries are welcome. If you are interested in joining the Allemann Laboratories, click here for a list of vacancies.