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Major Grant Awards 2012-2013

3 February 2012

Bioscience building

Congratulations to the following staff who were awarded major grants (>K£100) during 2012-2013:

Prof Y Barde (WAG & HEFCW) Sêr Cymru Research Chair in Neurobiology - £4,000,00

Prof V Crunelli, Prof AJ Harwood, Prof Meng Li (with MEDIC and PSYCH) (Wellcome Trust) DEFINE - Defining endophenotypes from integrated neuroscience - £1,744,948

Prof AR Clarke (Cancer Research UK) Modelling colorectal cancer: assessing pathway synergies and antogonisms in vivo and validating therapeutic targets - budget for first 3 years - £993,206

Dr H White-Cooper, Dr S Lopez de Quinto (BBSRC) The role of RNA export factors in tissue specific gene expression - £540,401

Dr M Smalley (Cancer Research UK) Stem and progenitor cells and the origins of breast cancer heterogeneity - £516,096

Dr RM John (BBSRC) Achieving a successful pregnancy: Epigenetic regulation of fetal-material signalling - £380,792

Dr KD Fox (MRC) The role of DISC1 in synaptic function and circuit formation during critical periods of cortical development - £364,644

Prof L Boddy, Dr H Rogers and Dr C Muller (NERC) Unravelling mechanisms of wood decay fungi community change in the post-genomic era - £358,956

Dr J Marchesi (BBSRC) A study of metagenomics-informed biochemical functionality of microbial fuel cells using DDGS as a substrate - £354,623

Dr MT Young (BBSRC) The P2X7 interactome: Protein interactions in the P2X7 C-terminus and their role in inflammatory signalling - £330,433

Prof S Dunnett (with MEDIC) (University of Ulm) Euro HD Network (additional funding) - £292,465

Prof MW Bruford (Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi) Genome research on behalf of the Environmental Agency of Abu Dhabi - £279,000

Prof TC Dale, Prof P Borri, Prof AJ Harwood (Nanotether Discovery Science Ltd) Support for the development of Nanotether - £249,323

Prof AR Clarke (Prostate Cancer UK) Evaluating synergy between dysregulation of the P13-kinase, Wnt and Ras pathways in prostate neoplasia - £244,086

Prof P Borri (EPSRC) Nonlinear plasmonic biosensing and functional imaging - £234,299

Prof AR Clarke, Dr S Wang (AICR) Pten mediated stromal/epithelial interactions in stem cell regulation and tumorigenesis - £228,353

Prof AR Clarke (with MEDIC) (NISCHR) PET Bio-marker imaging in response to novel targeted anti-cancer therapy in a clinically applicable model of colon cancer - £217,911

Prof AR Clarke (Cancer Research UK) Modelling colorectal cancer: assessing pathway synergies and antogonisms in vivo and validating therapeutic targets - £195,130 (additional funding)

Dr D Mason, Dr C Bonnet (with MEDIC) Investigating the mechanism of the protective role of glutamate receptor antagonists against early onset osteoarthritis following joint destabilisation injuries - £193,586

Dr P Kille (European Commission, FP7; Marie Curie Action, MCA) Finding the ghost in the genome: assessing the contribution of epigenetics to environmental plasticity in the soil sentinel Lumbricus rubellus EPIWORM - £177,284

Dr J Cable (European Commission, FP7) Assessing the toxicity of nitrates in a host-parasite system - £172,853

Prof V Crunelli (Eli Lili) Neuronal correlates and effective CNS drug action - £158,423

Dr D Ramji (with MEDIC) (British Heart Foundation) The role of the extracellular signal-regulated kinase/signal transducers and activators of transcription 1 axis in atherosclerosis - £154,022

Dr R Brambilla (Parkinson's Disease UK) Validation of Ras-ERK inhibitors to treat L-DOPA induce Dyskinesia - £150,000

Prof TC Dale (Merck KGaA) Wnt pathway - £146,656

Prof M Li (EU) Neurostemcell (transfer from Imperial College) - £141,362

Dr H White-Cooper (BBSRC) 13TSB_SynBio. Novel genetic tools for application in insect pest control - £132,773

Dr I Durance, Prof SJ Ormerod, Prof MW Bruford, Dr I Vaughan and Prof AJ Weightman (NERC) Diversity in upland rivers and ecosystem service sustainability - DURESS  - £130,000 (additional funding)

Dr B Latinkic (BHF) Investigating the mechanisms of nodal and FGF signalling in cardiac specification - £103,410

Dr C Berry & Dr TH Jones (DEFRA) Bacterial insecticides and toxins for control of root flies - £101,000