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Funding Opportunities

There are opportunities to apply for funding for Innovation and Engagement activities from various organisations and this page will be regularly updated with information about this.

If you have an idea for an engagement activity of any size and you are unable to find a funding source, please contact Fiona Wyllie  and she will help in looking and applying for funding. She can also help with arranging school and public audiences.

Research Council Funding in Research Grants

RCUK no longer offer specific public engagement grants, but instead ask researchers to request relevant funds when writing research grants.  The majority of Research Councils now require the inclusion of tailored Impact Plans and Impact Statements alongside research grant submissions.

Impact Plans can be fully funded and planning and securing this funding in advance increases the chance of  delivering  public engagement activities with greater impact.

The Impact Plan process asks researchers to integrate the public engagement activity with their research outcomes. This assessment of research impact  is a new feature in the Research Excellence framework.

 Royal Society Partnership Grants 

These grant have to be submitted with a school teacher as the primary applicant but can be organised by the researcher. The Scheme offers up to £3000 to support teachers and scientists working together to inspire young people.

The next closing date is 1st November 2013

 British Science Association 

 Physiology Society 

Awards of up to £1000 to support members running activities specifically tailored for schools. Monthly deadlines throughout the year.

 Biochemical Society 

Awards of up to £1000 to support members running activities for young people and communities.

Next deadline is 18th April 2014

 British Ecological Society 

Awards of up to £2000 to fund engagement of the public with exciting and important aspects of ecology. For members and non-members. Cannot be used for projects solely involving school pupils. 

There is an additional Fieldwork Grant of up to £3000, which could be used to fund an ecological research project for school pupils (aged 16+) (this can also be used for undergraduates)

Next deadlines are 3rd March and 8th September 2014

 Society for Applied Microbiology 

The society for applied microbiology offers grants of up to £2000 for public engagement events promoting a microbiological subject or exhibitions and art work related to applied microbiology. Next deadline March 2014

 Society for General Microbiology  

Members of the Society for General Microbiology can apply for grant funding for public engagement projects of up to £1000 to promote microbiology. There is no closing date and applications are considered all year on a first come first served basis.

 Wellcome Trust - People Awards 

These Awards enable exploration of  the impact of biomedical science on society, its historical roots, effects on different cultures and the associated ethical questions by supporting activities such as events, debates, exhibitions, art projects and drama productions. It aims to encourage people of all ages and from all walks of life to consider, question and debate the key issues of now and the future. 

Awards are made up to £30,000 and the next closing date is 31st January 2014

 Wellcome Trust - Art Awards 

These Awards support the development of new project ideas, deliver small-scale productions or workshops, investigate methods of engagement through the Arts or develop collaborative relationships between artists and scientists.

Awards are made up to £30,000 and the next closing dates are  28th February and 28th June 2014

 Lottery Awards For All 

The Lottery funded Awards for All scheme offers grants for projects which benefit the community and if your public engagement ideas would benefit the local community you may be able to apply for funding of up to £5000. Applications can be made at any time.