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BBSRC Local Coordinator Scheme

  Dr Richard Clarkson has recently become a BBSRC Local Schools Coordinator and will be helped by the Innovation and Engagement Officer, Dr Fiona Wyllie and many other researchers to engage closely with a number of primary and secondary schools in the area. 

Principal aims of the scheme

  • Encourage and assist scientists’ involvement with local schools
  • Help pupils to understand more about what science is and how it is conducted
  • Help pupils and teachers understand more about scientists and what they do
  • Give support, possibly in aspects of the curriculum where the teacher may lack confidence
  • Help pupils become more confident and enthusiastic about science
  • Promote understanding between research centres and their local community


"Our School has always realised the benefits outreach work with schools can bring. Each year we welcome students between the ages of 10 and 18 to experience first hand life inside a research laboratory with the aim of enthusing young people at an early age about science.

So for us, this BBSRC-funded programme will be about formalising all the great things we are currently doing, ensuring we maximise the impact of our research and provide the opportunity to offer more. It will also help us to take more hands-on activities into schools to supplement what we do here in the labs"

Dr Richard Clarkson, BBSRC Local Schools Coordinator

Secondary Schools

We have chosen four secondary schools with whom we are developing special links through this scheme. These schools are;

St Cyres School, Penarth

Stanwell School, Penarth

Whitchurch High School, Cardiff

King Henry VIII School, Abergavenny

Primary Schools

In addition, we will work closely with the following three primary schools, one of which acts as a feeder school to at least one of the above secondary schools;

Roath Park Primary School, Cardiff

Murch Primary School

Petersen-super-Ely Primary


"It will be an exciting day the day we see a Year 6 pupil who may have attended our "Learn About Life" event, walk through the doors in Year 12 for the "Using Killer Genes To Fight Cancer" full-day workshop with a much better understanding of science, confident about the discipline as a whole and maybe even on the cusp of choosing it as a possible career"


 Programme of events/other interactions