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Year 2-4 Course Structure

During the first week of Year 2, the student, the Programme Director and Deputy and the prospective supervisors will agree on a research plan. The principal supervisor will determine the ‘Home School’ of the student for Years 2-4.  Prior to that, the Home Schools for all students will be the School of Biosciences (Home  School of the Programme Director and Personal tutor of the students) to foster a sense of identity and to provide a strong, peer-support network.

Non-clinical postgraduate researchers will pursue a conventional PhD, submitting within 3 years (or possibly MPhil at end of year 2). Clinical students will complete a 1-year or 3-year project leading to a MPhil/ MD or a PhD, respectively. One primary project proposer will act as the principal supervisor and students will be subject to the local processes of student monitoring of that supervisor’s ‘home’ School.  Each student will give an oral presentation of their progress annually, most likely at a symposium organised by the CR-UK Centre Training Committee.  Progress will also be monitored throughout Years 2-4, via an annual written report and interview.  It is envisaged that postgraduate researchers will progress from MPhil to PhD study status at the end of Year 2.