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Dr Ian Vaughan  -  PhD

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Selected Recent Publications

Vaughan, I.P., Merrix-Jones, F.L. & Constantine, J.A. (2013) Successful predictions of river characteristics across England and Wales based on ordination. Geomorphology, 194, 121–131.

Gutiérrez-Cánovas, C., Millán, A., Velasco, J., Vaughan, I.P. & Ormerod, S.J. (2013) Contrasting effects of natural and anthropogenic stressors on beta-diversity in river organisms. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 22, 796–805.

Davey, J.S., Vaughan, I.P., King, R.A., Bell, J.R., Bohan, D.A., Bruford, M.W., Holland, J.M. & Symondson, W.O.C. (2013) Intraguild predation in winter wheat: prey choice by a common epigeal carabid consuming spiders. Journal of Applied Ecology, 50, 271–279.

Vaughan, I.P. & Ormerod, S.J. (2012) A twenty year view of monitoring ecological quality in English and Welsh rivers. In: River Conservation and Management (Eds: P.J. Boon and P.J. Raven), pp77–87. John Wiley, Chichester.

Seager, K., Baker, L., Parsons, H., Raven, P.J. & Vaughan, I.P. (2012) The physical character of rivers in England and Wales in 2007-2008 and changes since 1995-1996: an overview. In: River Conservation and Management (Eds: P.J. Boon and P.J. Raven), pp27–41. John Wiley, Chichester.

Vaughan, I.P. & Ormerod, S.J. (2012) Large-scale, long-term trends in British river macroinvertebrates. Global Change Biology, 18, 2184–2194.

King, R.A, Vaughan, I.P., Bell, J.R., Bohan, D.A, & Symondson, W.O.C. (2010) Prey choice by carabid beetles feeding on an earthworm community analysed using species- and lineage-specific PCR primers. Molecular Ecology, 19, 1721–1732.

Clews, E., Durance, I., Vaughan, I.P. & Ormerod, S.J. (2010) Juvenile salmonid populations in a temperate river system track synoptic trends in climate. Global Change Biology, 16, 3271–3283.

Larsen, S., Vaughan, I.P. & Ormerod, S.J. (2009) Scale-dependent effects of fine sediments on temperate headwater invertebrates. Freshwater Biology, 54, 203–219.

Vaughan, I.P., Diamond, M., Gurnell, A.M., Hall, K.A., Jenkins, A., Milner, N.J., Naylor, L.A., Sear, D.A., Woodward, G. & Ormerod, S.J. (2009) Integrating ecology with hydromorphology: a priority for river science and management. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 19, 113–125.