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Dr Andrew Shore 

Shore A, Karamitri A, Kemp P, Speakman JR, Lomax MA. Role of Ucp1 enhancer methylation and chromatin remodelling in the control of Ucp1 expression in murine adipose tissue. 2010. Diabetologia. June 53(6) pp1164-1173.

Karamitri A, Shore AM, Docherty K, Speakman JR, Lomax MA. Combinatorial transcription factor regulation of the cyclic AMP-response element on the Pgc-1 alpha promoter in white 3T3-L1 and brown HIB-1B preadipocytes. 2009. Journal of Biological Chemistry. July 31: 284(31) pp20738-20752.

Shore AM, Lomax MA. Tissue specific expression of Uncoupling Protein 1 is determined by DNA methylation. 2007. International Journal of Obesity. Vol 31, Sup 1, S18.