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Dr Rhys Jones 

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Selected Publications

(i) Refereed papers

  • R Jones, DS Brown, E Harris, J Jones, WOC Symondson, MW Bruford and J Cable (2011) First record of Neoxysomatium brevicaudatum through the non-invasive sampling of Anguis fragilis: complementary morphological and molecular detection. Journal of Helminthology 6:1-5
  • Jones R, Cable J & Bruford MW (2008) An evaluation of non-invasive sampling for genetic analysis in northern European reptiles. Herpetological Journal 18: 32-39.


(ii) In preparation

  • Jones R, Cable  J & Bruford  MW (In prep). Comparative phylogeography of British snakes (Vipera berus, Natrix natrix andCoronella austriaca) inferred from non-invasive sample collection.


  • Jones R, Bruford MW & Cable J (In prep). Reptile translocation: potential impacts of parasitism on slow worm (Anguis fragilis) populations in the UK.