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Prof Robert Huber 


My research focuses on the structure and function of biological macromolecules, in particular those formed into large complex aggregates. Systems I have studied include proteases; metalloenzymes (iron, nickel, molybdenum, copper); imunoglobulins and their receptors; protein kinases; proteins involved in electron- and light energy transfer and photosynthesis; protein hormones and receptors; enzymes involved in biosynthetic reactions. In addition, I am interested in development of methods of structure determination of proteins and protein ligand complexes by crystallography and NMR.

I am cofounder and advisor of two Biotech Companies, Proteros and SuppreMol, as well as on the advisory board of other international companies in the area of pharmaceuticals and crop science. I am also on the advisory editorial board of Journal of Molecular Biology.

I am a member of EMBO, a foreign Associate, National Academy of Sciences, USA and a Foreign Member of the Royal Society, London. I have won many medals and prizes, including the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1988 with Johann Deisenhofer and Hartmut Michel.