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Dr Catherine Hogan 

Selected Publications

Hogan C. (2012) Impact of interactions between normal and transformed epithelial cells and the relevance to cancer. (Invited Review) Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 69(2):203-13.

Hogan C, Kajita M, Lawrenson K, Fujita Y. (2010) Interactions between normal and transformed epithelial cells in mammals and their significance in tumourigenesis. (Invited Review) Int J. Biochem Cell Biol. 43(4):496-503.

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Hogan C, Dupré-Crochet S, NormanM, Kajita M, Zimmermann C, Pelling AE, PiddiniE, Baena-López LA, Vincent J-P, Itoh Y, Hosoya H, Pichaud F, Fujita Y. (2009) Characterization of the interface between normal and transformed epithelial cells. Nature Cell Biol 11(4): 460-467.

Dupré-Crochet S, Figueroa A, Hogan C, Ferber EC, Bialucha CU, Adams J, Richardson ECN, Fujita Y. (2007) Casein Kinase 1 Is a Novel Negative Regulator of E-Cadherin-Based Cell-Cell Contacts. Mol Cell Biol 27:3804-3816.

Hosking CR, Ulloa F, Hogan C, Ferber EC, Figueroa A, Gevaert K, Birchmeier W, Briscoe J, Fujita Y. (2007) The Transcriptional Repressor Glis2 Is a Novel Binding Partner for p120 Catenin. Mol Biol Cell 18:1918-1927.

Fujita Y, Hogan C, Braga VM. (2006) Regulation of cell-cell adhesion by rap1. Methods Enzymol 407:359-372

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Fujita, Y. & Hogan, C. (2004) Adherens Junction. Encyclopedic Reference of Genomics and Proteomics (Springer)

Jones GE, Prigmore E, Calvez R, Hogan C, Dunn GA, Hirsch E, Wymann MP, Ridley AJ. (2003) Requirement for PI 3-kinase gamma in macrophage migration to MCP-1 and CSF-1. Exp Cell Res 290(1):120-131.