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Prof Adrian Harwood  -  PhD

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Selected Publications

Molecular Biosciences

Teo, R., Lewis, K., Forde, J., Ryves, WJ., Reddy, JV. Rogers and Harwood, AJ. (2010) Glycogen synthase kinase-3 is required for efficient Dictyostelium chemotaxis. Mol Biol. Cell. 21 2788-96

King JS., Keim M., Teo R., Weening, KE., Kapur, M., McQuillan, K., Ryves, J., Rogers, B., Dalton, E., Williams, RS. and Harwood AJ. (2010) Genetic control of lithium sensitivity and regulation of inositol biosynthetic genes. PlOSone 5 (6) e11151

King JS., Teo R., Ryves, J., Reddy, JV. Peters, O., Orabi, B., Hoeller, O., Williams, RS. and Harwood AJ. (2009) Lithium suppression of PI(3,4,5)P3 signalling - implications for lithium-based therapy. Disease, Models and Mechanisms 2 306-312

Teo, R., King, JS., Dalton, E., Ryves, J., Williams RS. and Harwood AJ. (2009) PtdIns(3,4,5)P3 and inositol depletion as a cellular target of mood stabilizers. Biochem Soc Trans. 37 1110-1114.

Cho, J., King, J.S., Qian, X., Harwood, A.J, and Shears, S.B. (2008) Dephosphorylation of 2,3-BPG by MIPP expands the regulatory capacity of the Rapoport–Luebering glycolytic shunt. PNAS 105 5998–6003


Shimshoni, JA., Dalton, EC., Watson, P., Yagen, B., Bialer, M., and Harwood, AJ.  (2009) Evaluation of the effects of propylisopropylacetic acid (PIA) on neuronal growth cone morphology. Neuropharmacology 56  831-837

Peineau, S., Nicolas, CS., Bortolotto, ZA., Bhat, RV., Ryves, WJ., Harwood, AJ., Dournaud, P., Fitzjohn, SM. and Collingridge, GL. (2009) A systematic investigation of the protein kinases involved in NMDA receptor-dependent LTD: evidence for a role of GSK-3 but not other serine/threonine kinases. Molecular Brain 2 22

Shaltiel, G., Dalton, EC., Belmaker, R. H., Harwood, AJ., and Agam, G. (2007). Specificity of mood stabilizer action on neuronal growth cones. Bipolar Disord 9, 281-289.

Ryves, W.J., Dalton, EC., Harwood, AJ., and Williams, RS. (2005). GSK-3 activity in neocortical cells is inhibited by lithium but not carbamazepine or valproic acid. Bipolar Disord 7, 260-265.

Williams, RSB., Cheng, L., Mudge, AW. and Harwood, AJ. (2002) A common mechanism of action for three mood stabilizing drugs. Nature 417 292-295.