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Dr Liming Gui 

 Selected Publications

Gui L and Homer H. (2013) Hec1-dependent cyclin B2 stabilization regulates the G2-M transition and early prometaphase in mouse oocytes. Dev Cell. 15; 25(1):43-54

Riris SCawood SGui LSerhal P, and Homer HA (2013) Immunofluorescence staining of spindles, chromosomes, and kinetochores in human oocytes. Methods Mol Biol. 957: 179-87

Gui L and Homer H. (2012) Spindle assembly checkpoint signalling is uncoupled from chromosomal position in mouse oocytes. Development 139(11):1941-6

Homer H, Gui L, and Carroll J. (2009) A spindle assembly checkpoint protein functions in prophase I arrest and prometaphase progression. Science 326(5955):991-

Zheng Tu*, Liming Gui*, Jianliu Wang, Xiaoping Li, Pengming Sun, Lihui Wei. (2006) Tumorigenesis of K-ras mutation in human endometrial carcinoma via upregulation of receptor Gynecologic Oncology 101(2006) 274–279

Gui Liming and Joyce IM (2005) RNA Interference Evidence That Growth Differentiation Factor-9 Mediates Oocyte Regulation of Cumulus Expansion in Mice Biology of Reproduction 72, 195-199

Bin Chen, William H. Piel, Liming Gui, Elspeth Bruford, and Antonia Monteiron (2005) The Hsp90 family of genes in the human genome: insights into its divergence and evolution Genomics 86: 627–637