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Dr Beatrix Fahnert 

Microbiology (in particular Medical Microbiology) has always been my main focus, and I combined that with an interdisciplinary background in Biotechnology. I am very interested in postgenomic approaches to studying virulence, pathogenesis and pathogen-host-interactions, and in utilising related findings for prevention and therapy of infectious diseases.

I am committed to sharing my passion for science and to making knowledge, and skills accessible, providing the best education, contributing to the academic community of practice, in order for everyone to ultimately benefit from Microbiology, and to allow for the advancement of the subject. Therefore, I am interested in certain aspects of Learning (e.g. meta-learning; standards; employability) and Teaching (e.g. academic culture; continuous professional development) in the Biosciences within the framework of the changing landscape in Higher Education and related processes (e.g. individual and organisational learning; adapting to change and managing change).

Scientific engagement of the public (particularly public awareness of infectious diseases prevention and appropriate treatment) is another area of interest