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Dr Barend HJ de Graaf 

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Selected Publications

de Graaf B.H.J., Vatovec S., Juárez-Díaz J.A., Chai L., Kooblall K., Wilkins K.A., Zou H., Forbes T., Franklin F.C.H., Franklin-Tong, V.E. (2012) The Papaver Self-Incompatibility Pollen S-Determinant, PrpS, Functions in Arabidopsis thaliana. Curr. Biol 22 (2): p 154-159

Nieuwland J., de Graaf B.H.J., Cheung A.Y. and Bosch M (2011) Plant reproduction: does size matter? New Phytologist 190 (4): p812-815

Wheeler M.J.*, de Graaf B.H.J.*, Hadjiosif N.*, Perry R.M., Poulter N.S., Osman K., Vatovec S., Harper A., Franklin F.C.H. and Franklin-Tong V.E. (2009) Identification of the pollen self-incompatibility determinant in Papaver rhoeas. Nature 459, p992-995  *Authors contributed equally to this work

Cheung A.Y., Duan Q-h., Santos Costa S., de Graaf B.H.J., Di Stilio V.S., Feijo J. and Wu HM (2008) The Dynamic Pollen Tube Cytoskeleton: Live Cell Studies Using Actin-Binding and Microtubule-Binding Reporter Proteins. Molecular Plant 1(4): p 686-702

de Graaf B.H.J., Rudd J.J., Wheeler M.J., Perry R.M., Bell E.M., Osman K., Franklin F.C.H., Franklin-Tong V.E. (2006). Self-incompatibility in Papaver targets soluble inorganic pyrophosphatases in pollen. Nature 444, p490-493

de Graaf B.H.J., Cheung A.Y., Andreyeva T., Levasseur K., Kieliszewski M., Wu H-M. (2005). Rab11 GTPase-Regulated Membrane Trafficking Is Crucial for Tip-Focused Pollen Tube Growth in Tobacco. Plant Cell 17: p 2564–2579

de Graaf B.H.J., Knuiman B.A., van der Weerden G.M., Feron R., Derksen J., Mariani C. (2004). The PELPIII glycoproteins in Solanaceae: stylar expression and transfer into pollen tube walls. Sex Plant Reprod. 15 (5) p 245-252

de Graaf B.H.J., Knuiman B.A., Derksen J., Mariani C. (2003). Characterisation and localisation of the transmitting tissue specific PELPIII proteins of Nicotiana tabacum. J. Exp Bot. 54, p 55-63

Cheung A.Y., Chen C.Y., Glaven RH, de Graaf B.H.J., Vidali L., Hepler P.K., Wu H-M. (2002). Rab2 GTPase Regulates Vesicle Trafficking between the Endoplasmic Reticulum and the Golgi Bodies and Is Important to Pollen Tube Growth. Plant Cell 14: p 945-962

de Graaf B.H.J., Derksen J., Mariani C. (2001). Pollen and pistil in the progamic phase. Sex Plant Reprod. 14, p 41-55

Wu H-M., de Graaf B.H.J., Mariani C., Cheung A.Y. (2001). Hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins in plant reproductive tissues: structure, functions and regulation. Cell Mol Life Sci 58, p 1419-1429

Vriezen W.H., de Graaf B.H.J., Mariani C., Voesenek L.A.C.J. (2000) Submergence induces expansin gene expression in flooding-tolerant Rumex palustris and not in flooding-intolerant R. acetosa. Planta 210 (6), p 956-963