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Dr Joanne Cable  -  PhD

It was during my first degree in Biological Sciences at Westfield College, University of London, that I became interested in parasitology. My Ph.D. research at Queen Mary College, University of London, focused on the ecological adaptations of monogenean parasites. After two post-doctoral positions at the MRC in Nottingham (with Prof. Karen Steel) and the University of Bristol (with Prof. Richard Tinsley), I moved to Cardiff in 1999 to work on a range of projects concerned with host-parasite interactions, particularly monogenean reproduction and, more recently, population genetics. I have held three Research Fellowships, including a current NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) Advanced Fellowship, and in 2008 I was promoted to Reader.

I serve on the council of the British Society for Parasitology, act as an ad-hoc reviewer for 30 journals and various funding bodies, teach ecological parasitology to undergraduates at all levels and have examined eight PhD/MSc candidates.