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Prof Lynne Boddy  -  PhD, DSc

Brown woodland fungi

I am joint author of Wood Decomposition: its Biology and Ecology , and of over 200 papers on microbial ecology. I am a woodland fungal ecologist, especially interested in community function and development in fallen wood and standing trees, mycelial interactions, foraging and translocation by cord-forming fungi, interactions between saprotrophic, mycorrhizal and root-pathogenic mycelia, fungus-invertebrate interactions, and the effect of climate change on fungi.

Fungal ecology research group with Sir David Attenborough

Some of the former members of the fungal ecology research group with David Attenborough when he was filming fungal mycelia for the current mini series on Biodiversity. From left to right: Malcolm Wilkins, Louise Owen, Neil Davies, David Attenborogh, Anne Danby, Melanie Harris and Lynne Boddy.

Contributions to this field have been recognized by receipt of the British Mycological Society (BMS) Berkeley Award in 1989, and the 1991 Society of General Microbiology Fleming Lectureship. I ggave the Ohn Karling lecture to the Mycological Society of America in 1999, and was awarded a Personal Chair in 1996. I was vice-president of the British Mycological Society in 1995 and am now serving again on BMS Council, publications committees and program committee. I have organised numerous national BMS and International symposia on various aspects of fungal ecology, most recently being the BMS Meeting “Ecology of Fungal Communities ( Manchester, 2007). I am the chief editor of the newly launched BMS/Elsevier journal “Fungal Ecology”. I have collaborated widely on ecological projects, both in the UK and abroad.

I am also interested in the application of mathematical and computing techniques to answer biological questions. In particular the use of graph theory to understand the properties of fungal mycelial network architecture, in collaboration with Mark Fricker ( University of Oxford). We have also made considerable advances in identification of phyloplankton from flow cytometry data using artificial neural networks, working in collaboration with Colin Morris ( University of Glamorgan). I am a member of the editorial board of “Ecological Informatics”, and the organising committee of the International Conference on Ecological Informatics.