Summer Term 2014 Vertical Studio - BSc 1 & 2

Vertical Studio

Vertical Studio 2014

Welsh School of Architecture
Summer term 2013/14

Vertical Studio proposals are being invited from all teaching/research staff (full and part-time) and external architects, spatial practitioners, designers, artists, researchers and built environment professionals.

The Summer Term is intended to broaden the students' experience in research and design. A wide range of options is being sought, drawn from research, practice and other interests, so as to reflect the expertise and enthusiasm of the WSA community.


The learning outcomes are intentionally broad and require students to:

  • Engage critically with an aspect of research in the field of architectural studies, and to understand this in relation to a wider context
  • Demonstrate an understanding of architecture as an integrated discipline that engages with a broad range of research approaches
  • Represent and communicate the results of their work in appropriate forms

The outcomes of Vertical Studio are intended to be broad and diverse, including but not limited to1:1 built prototypes, explorative use of design tools and deep understanding of collaborative design strategies. Proposals are welcome within and outside of the specific field of architectural design (i.e. research does not have to involve a design project).


12 units are required for the approximately 150 students in BSc 1 and BSc 2. A unit is typically run by one person (teaching payments from WSA are calculated on this basis), though historically we have had very successful units run by teams. Collaboration can also take place between WSA staff and external tutors.

It is expected that unit leaders meet their students on at least four occasions during Vertical Studio. A minimum of one scheduled day of teaching per week will be required, plus one day for debriefing/reviews and feedback. Unit leaders cannot charge for preparation time.


The following criteria will be taken into account when selecting proposals:

  • Involvement of discovery, experiment and investigation
  • Links to research and/or practice within and outside of the WSA
  • Feasibility of the proposal in terms of time management
  • Consideration of costs outside the teaching budget e.g. materials, travelling, workshops, etc. Commercial sponsorship may be appropriate
  • Alternative approaches to 'regular' architectural design studio teaching

Outline proposals should be submitted on one A4 sheet, including abstract and images, along with a CV to Susan Morgans ( by 18 January 2014. Questions may be addressed to Sergio Pineda ( who is the Vertical Studio Coordinator. The chosen proposals will be announced in early February 2014.