Welsh School of Architecture

Design and Practice Research Group (DPRG)

The Practice Research Group was formed in 2010 to encourage and promote research that is carried out through the act of design. This places the activities of the design studio and workshop on an equal footing with those of the library and laboratory.

Members of this group undertake work which may fall into one of two categories:-

Practice-based Research whereby an original investigation is undertaken in order to gain new knowledge partly by means of practice and the outcomes of that practice. This is demonstrated through creative outcomes in the form of buildings, designs, artefacts, drawings etc.

Practice-led Research in which the nature of practice leads to new knowledge that has operational significance for that practice. Here the primary focus of the research is to advance knowledge about practice, or to advance knowledge within practice.

Currently members of the school are engaged in building, design, digital design techniques, proto-typing materials and components, critical means of representation, as well as leading studies in project management, building law and architectural education.

Practice Research Group Staff:
Wayne Forster (Chair), Sam Clark, Steve Coombs, Wassim Jabi, Sergio Pineda, Dr Andrew Roberts, Prof Peter Salter

The Group's PhD and MPhil Students

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