Year 5 Infrastructural Urbanism Studio 2011

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The final projects for 3rd Year at the Welsh School of Architecture (2010/2011) revolved around three different briefs, all in the city of Trieste in Italy:

1. The Bubble
2. Sacred Spaces
3. Ghosts

Student took these ideas in varying directions, for example:  

Andra Antone chose to set up a stage for the world of fashion, discussing the contradictory world of design and the ambiguous environment which is located close to the main railway station in Trieste: “Trieste, the bubble in space and time”.

Katherine Jones explored the idea of memory as a spine of our ghostly existence. The drama was set up against the background of Trieste’s genius loci, the harbour and its history: “Ghosts”.

William Sinclair tested notions of history through the idea of skeletal remains. Slices of disused ship hulls from the Mediterranean Sea were arranged structurally in the former docks of Trieste. New concrete masses were added, anchoring the set-up and performing as a new flesh – a new reality: “Fragments of Trieste”.

Timothy Skinner investigated the urban condition of Trieste through the in-betweens of inside and outside-ness. At a key location for the juxtaposition of harbour and city grid – the very place where the exchange of culture happens – a place for a multi-faith centre: “Sacred Spaces”.


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