A bit about the alumni

The School continues to go from strength to strength as illustrated by the website. When the WSA Alumni was launched in 1998, to celebrate the 75th Anniversary, for purely practical reasons it was decided to restrict the initial Alumni invitations to those who graduated in the past 25 years. Even this limited exercise produced some 900 names, but with a response of just over 50% which is exceptional. This has now grown to 1350 names, with contacts in every continent. The current chairman of the alumni is Professor C. Malcolm Parry who will be at the helm of the organisation, and steering it into the next phase of its development.

Why join the WSA Alumni?

As the WSA Alumni becomes more established and the opportunity to network grows, you may wish to register below in order to enjoy the following benefits.

The WSA Alumni intends to keep friend raising before fund raising. Becoming a part of this network can bring benefits by way of an exchange of views and information, and it can generate a collective energy for promotion and development in terms of both self and corporately.

The Benefits

  • The prospects look good. The potential for mutual benefits is enormous. We plan therefore to strengthen the presence of the alumni within the School as well as on this website by establishing a network:
  • Maintaining contact with colleagues at home and abroad. WSA graduates are to be found in many parts of the world. WSA graduates are architects but some engage in a wide range of professional activity, as developer, development consultant, contractor, project manager, planning supervisor, building surveyor, expert witness, adjudicator and lawyer.
  • Bringing together practitioners seeking staff with particular aptitude or skills, and students looking for the right professional training.
  • Keeping WSA Alumni members well informed about changes, arrivals, developments and events taking place at the School.
  • Enabling WSA Alumni members to access facilities at the School, such as Architecture Library, CRIBE or Environmental Laboratory, on a special basis.
  • Exhibiting alumni members work, perhaps linked with talks to students or the public.