Our global community, reputation and partnerships are at the heart of our identity.

Our ambition is to form tightly knit collaborations with international universities in order to promote research, share best practice in teaching and management, and establish our position as a global university.

International research

Our collaborative work with academic partners across the world produces research with real impact.

Danica Stark using a radio-transmitter and an antenna to locate the proboscis monkey
A researcher uses a radio-transmitter and an antenna to locate a proboscis monkey in Borneo.

From collaborating with researchers in China in order to tackle cancer, to studying the genetics and demographics of mammals in our research centre in Borneo, we're working to tackle global challenges.

We also attract the highest calibre of academics and researchers from around the world, further enhancing the learning experience for students and bringing a wider perspective to our research.

International partners

We have formal links with more than 35 countries including:

  • over 40 partnerships across China
  • 9 in Malaysia
  • over 20 in the US

Xiamen University

Cardiff and Xiamen have been partner cities for more than thirty years and during that time Cardiff and Xiamen Universities have also developed close collaboration in a number of fields of mutual interest, including areas of strength for us such as catalysis.

The Strategic Partnership with Xiamen University is the second such partnership signed by us and sits as part of our internationalisation plans under our Way Forward Strategy. The partnership builds on the existing close links and is designed to increase collaborative research, share education best practice and create opportunities for student and staff exchange.

University of Leuven

We have signed an agreement with the University of Leuven designed to boost research income, create new research collaborations and offer more opportunities for students and staff to study and teach abroad. The Cooperation Agreement builds on our existing academic collaborations with Belgium's largest university, which is consistently ranked in the world's top 100 universities.

Santander Universities

Santander Universities have donated £535,343 since 2011, which has been used to fund awards for outstanding projects and students, and help our entrepreneurs. Their funding gives our students the possibility to travel abroad to continue their studies.


Chevening Scholarships are the UK government's global scholarship programme, funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations, including Cardiff University. The programme provides awards to outstanding scholars with leadership potential from around the world to study postgraduate courses at universities in the UK.

Fulbright Commission

Fulbright Scholars
Fulbright Scholars at the start of their visit to Wales.

The Fulbright Commission gives two annual awards, allowing US citizens to come here and teach, lecture, conduct research, or pursue a Master's degree programme.

Together with Bangor University and Aberystwyth University, we host the Fulbright Wales Summer Institute, a six week cultural and academic programme for US students, focusing on the theme of Contemporary Wales: Industry, Politics, Culture and Change.

Marshall Scholarships

Marshall Scholarships finance young, highly-able Americans, allowing them to study for a Master's degree or a research degree here.

Global opportunities

Watch Erasmus Experience: Sophie video

A growing number of our students choose to undertake a placement abroad to study, work or volunteer as part of their Cardiff experience. This helps them build cultural awareness and enhance their employability.

We also welcome hundreds of students from continental Europe and further afield on exchange programmes.

Find out more about global opportunities for students.