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Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

The HEAR is an online report that provides a detailed and verified record of our graduates achievements.

Thanks to the HEAR, as an employer, you can be confident that your potential employee is providing a comprehensive and completely accurate picture of their time at Cardiff University.

The HEAR is used by a growing number of UK based universities, due to its reliability and ease of use, and provides peace of mind that all the information provided is completely accurate and verified by Cardiff University.

Our graduates can give potential employers access to their HEAR for a specified length of time. This allows access to a comprehensive, verified, digital record of their University achievements.

It is designed to support their degree certificate, providing:

  • a digital academic record of modules undertaken and marks obtained
  • where applicable, a collation of prizes and awards including academic, Students Union and extra-curricular.

The HEAR is not a replacement for a CV. It will, however, inform and support a CV.

Accessing the report

The HEAR is available to Cardiff University undergraduate or postgraduate taught graduates who graduated after July 2017.

If one of our graduates is applying to work for you, they can grant you access to their HEAR through the online portal Verify.

You will receive an email with a link to view the document.

Follow the instructions in that email and you will not only be able to see a full breakdown of a graduate's marks throughout their university course, but also verified details of a range of additional achievements such as sport, awards and prizes and student representation.

As a third party you can also register through Verify to quickly connect with graduates and request access to their fully verified eDocuments including their electronic HEAR and degree certificate.

What the report looks like

The report is only valid in their digital (online) form and not in printed form.

The HEAR has a standard format on screen. It is no more than six pages long and can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF.

View an example of a completed report:

Example of a completed report

A completed Higher Education Achievement Report.

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