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Our publications about justice focus not only on the constitutional settlement in Wales but also legal jurisdiction,  justice and imprisonment.

Prison, Probation and Sentencing in Wales: 2019 Factfile

The latest factfile on probation, sentencing and imprisonment in Wales, containing data for 2019.

Covid-19 and Imprisonment in Wales

Just as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is uprooting conventional practice in every area of life, it is presenting a challenge of unprecedented scale and complexity for prison staff and health officials in Wales. This short report presents the latest Welsh prison population data to clarify the current state of the prison estate in Wales, and the likely challenges resulting from this data to those working in this sector during this critical period.

International Evidence on Driving Down Imprisonment Rates

By means of a number of case studies, this report draws attention to the experiences of other jurisdictions that have introduced measures to reduce high levels of imprisonment.

Sentencing and Imprisonment in Wales: 2018 Factfile

The latest factfile on sentencing and imprisonment in Wales, containing data for 2018.

Public spending on the justice system for Wales

As part of the Wales Governance Centre’s project on Justice and Jurisdiction in Wales, this report examines the current scale and composition of public spending on the justice system for Wales.

Fiscal implications of devolving justice

This report assesses the possible fiscal and budgetary implications of devolving justice functions to the Welsh Government.

The Legal Economy in Wales

This report details the available data on the legal sector in Wales, to analyse its size, structure and interactions with the rest of the Welsh economy and beyond. The strength of the Welsh legal economy is also assessed in comparison with the other countries and regions of the UK.

Deprivation and Imprisonment: Supplementary Evidence

Dr Greg Davies and Dr Robert Jones submitted supplementary evidence on deprivation and imprisonment to the National Assembly inquiry into voting rights for prisoners.

The Provision of Health and Social Care in the Adult Prison Estate: Written Evidence

Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre has presented the latest data on healthcare funding, deaths in prison, self-harm incidents and substance misuse to an inquiry in the National Assembly.

Justice at the Jagged Edge in Wales.pdf

This report represents the first systematic attempt by academics to explore the functioning of the policing and criminal justice system in post-devolution Wales. The report explains the emergence of a distinct set of arrangements in Wales which sees the UK and Welsh Government’s responsibilities overlap within the same policy space.

Sentencing and Immediate Custody in Wales: A Factfile

This report shows that a higher proportion of Wales’ overall population was serving time in prison than England for every year since 2013.

Voting Rights for Prisoners: Written Evidence

Dr Greg Davies and Dr Robert Jones submitted written evidence to a National Assembly committee inquiry into voting rights for prisoners.

House of Commons Welsh Affairs Committee: Supplementary Evidence

Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre has presented new findings on drugs, alcohol and homelessness to the House of Commons’ Welsh Affairs Committee.

Imprisonment in Wales: A Breakdown by Local Authority

This report, which reveals the most detailed picture yet of the prison population in Wales, includes two previously unseen data sets.

Imprisonment in Wales: A Factfile

For the first time, this report gathers a range of data to reveal the performance of prisons in Wales, the status of all prisoners from Wales and where they are being held.

Justice in Wales: Principles, Progress and Next Steps

This report is the first output from a new line of research by the Wales Governance Centre on justice in Wales.

Justice for Wales

This is a publication by the Justice for Wales group, a gathering of lawyers who have come together in a non-partisan campaign to call for the re-establishment of a Welsh jurisdiction.