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The Plaid Cymru Senedd Member, Rhun ap Iorwerth

A Vision for Ambition: Rhun ap Iorwerth to deliver speech on fairness and economic renewal

8 December 2023

Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre will kick-off 2024 with a keynote address by the new Leader of Plaid Cymru

Cardiff City Aerial

Immigration Health Surcharge: “Incentive needed” for highly skilled migration to Wales

5 December 2023

The report notes that 215,429 overseas-born individuals call Wales home, contributing to the economy and shaping future demographics in an otherwise ageing nation

Claire Hanna, Member of Parliament for South Belfast

Rebuilding Relationships through a New Ireland: WGC Annual Lecture 2023

30 November 2023

The future of power-sharing and devolution will be under the spotlight as a leading SDLP politician visits Cardiff to deliver this year’s Wales Governance Centre Annual Lecture

Number of Welsh prisoners sleeping rough on release more than trebles in one year

15 November 2023

“Persistent set of problems” returns as the justice system recovers from Covid-19, report concludes

Weak incomes and gender pay gap holding back Welsh workers: Labour Market Update

13 November 2023

The Labour Market Update for Wales is the latest report from the Wales Fiscal Analysis team, and reveals a series of stark findings on work, wages and economic activity in Wales

Terraced houses in Wales

Local authority finances in Wales on an “unsustainable path”, report concludes

25 October 2023

Spending pressures could lead to further cuts in public services

Adam Price: Remaking Welsh Democracy

29 September 2023

Price to propose radical reform in speech for Wales Governance Centre

In Conversation with Dafydd Wigley

18 September 2023

Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre will host In Conversation with Dafydd Wigley, where the expert interviewer Rob Humphreys will be in discussion with the former Plaid Cymru Leader

'Muscular unionism’ approach to devolved nations risks backfiring across the UK, according to new report

7 September 2023

Fewer than half of voters in any nation see maintaining the union in its current form as a priority

Reception announced for WGC-ITV polling partnership

31 August 2023

ITV and Wales Governance Centre reception to showcase latest polling