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Aberconway Building

Aberconway Building
Aberconway Building

Colum Road
CF10 3EU

The main entrance to the Aberconway Building can be accessed from Colum Road, turning onto Colum Drive using the drop kerbs and zebra crossings. The Aberconway Building entrance is ahead on the left. There is a shallow ramp (gradient of 1/16.3) leading to the entrance, with handrails either side. There are also 4 steps leading to the entrance with handrails either side and in the middle. The main entrance is an automated sliding door. There is an additional automatic sliding door leading to the reception area.

The side entrance to the Aberconway Building is very close to the 2 side accessible parking bays. There is a very short ramp (gradient of 1/16) leading to the entrance doors which are automatic sliding doors. There is a reception desk at this entrance. The reception desk surface is 980mm above the floor. The reception is fitted with an induction loop. Please use the 'T' switch on your hearing device to utilise the loop.

The Aberconway Library entrance is at the side of the building. There is a shallow ramp (gradient of 1/28) leading to the entrance door, which is an automatic sliding door. There is a handrail along one side of the ramp. There is one step with a handrail on one side close to the door. The main reception is to the right of the main entrance doors. There is a low counter. The foyer has a resting / waiting area to the left of the entrance.

There is a unisex accessible toilet on the ground floor close to the main entrance (room number P18). There is a unisex accessible toilet on the ground floor, close to the coffee shop (room number A09). The accessible toilets are highlighted on the floor plan available at the top right of this page. There are standard toilets located on each floor.

There are 2 lifts in the Aberconway Building, which are located side by side. The lifts are located through the door opposite the main entrance. The lift call buttons are positioned 900mm above the floor on each floor, between the 2 lifts. The car lift is 1100mm x 2200mm. There are handrails on each wall of the lift. The lift car buttons are positioned 860mm - 1100mm above the floor. The floor buttons have tactile markings. There are audio and visual floor level indicators.

There is a range of seating and tables in the Aberconway coffee shop seating area. There are also resting areas available on every floor.


Parking spaces are for permit holders only. To reserve a parking space and arrange entry through the barrier, please contact:

Car parking

There are 2 accessible parking bays at the side of the Aberconway Building, next to the side entrance (right photograph above). There is no barrier to access these spaces.

There are 7 accessible parking bays in the car park behind the Aberconway Building. Access to this car park is through a barrier, operated with a validated University card.

Bicycle parking

There are 138 bicycle parking spaces shared between three locations around the building.