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Lay Faculty_news

Cardiff Research Institute establishes Lay Faculty

20 April 2016

The Systems Immunity Research Institute has set up a Lay Faculty consisting of members of the public who foster a close dialogue between scientists and the public.

 Aids ribbon on hand

New route to HIV vaccine?

18 March 2016

Nanotechnology patches offer potentially “highly effective” vaccine against HIV

Skeleton Blue

Mismatched missiles

8 February 2016

Part of the immune system that drills into invading bacteria and splits them open has been visualised in nanoscopic detail, with surprising results

British Heart Foundation

Welsh Heart scientists in the red

5 February 2016

British Heart Foundation Cymru funded scientists raise awareness to power more lifesaving discoveries.

Lady sneezing into tissue

Directing the body’s fight against flu

21 January 2016

Natural ‘homing’ molecule discovery could help speed-up fight against viruses

Cells green on red

Upgrading the immune system

13 January 2016

Scientists re-engineer body’s immune system for safer and more effective cancer treatment

Staff at the Annual Infection and Immunity meeting

Tackling infection and chronic disease

21 December 2015

The Annual Cardiff Infection & Immunity meeting to showcase cutting edge approaches to beating infection and chronic disease.

Brain scan

Targeting brain injury

17 December 2015

New ‘homing’ treatment could aid recovery for brain damaged patients


“Disturbing breach of last group of antibiotics”

19 November 2015

Scientists discover antibiotic-resistant gene with epidemic potential

Hands with noticeable arthritus joints

Decoding what goes wrong in arthritis

6 October 2015

Fresh insight into rheumatoid arthritis offers hope for transforming patient care.