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G-BiKE: New European Network on Genomic Biodiversity for Resilient Ecosystems

1 April 2019


Newly funded research network links scientists and practitioners across the EU and beyond, to highlight the importance of genetic and genomic tools in biodiversity conservation.

On the 8 of March 2019, COST Action Genomic Biodiversity Knowledge for Resilient (G-BiKE) ran its first meeting in Brussels at COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), with representatives from 31 countries backing the initiative.

In a rapidly changing environment the resilience of ecosystems depends ultimately on species adaptability. G-BIKE will establish the use of genomic data as a standard tool for monitoring and managing plants and animal species to ensure they are preserved, and the continued supply of nature-based ecosystem services.

G-BIKE will assist scientists and practitioners across the EU to integrate genetic and evolutionary knowledge into conservation planning policies, and to promote cross-border management and long term monitoring programs, developing standardized monitoring tools and guides, to ensure that standards are implemented in local site management and ultimately in EU-wide policy. Considering the drastic impacts of climate change that are likely during the coming decades this action is especially urgent.

The Network will organise networking and training opportunities, provide best practice protocols for monitoring genetic diversity, and an online forum on emerging tools.

The outcome of this research and results will be disseminated and shared with the public at Natura 2000 sites, botanic gardens and zoos as well as the scientific community.

More information please contact: Nevena Velickovic, the Action Scientific Communication Manager:

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