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Sophrology Wales

Established in 2016, the owner of Sophrology Wales is pioneering in this country the practice of Sophrology, a method designed to improve personal well-being. The method is particularly well established in France.

Learning points

  • Alongside connection speed and reliability, data limits can present a challenge for SMEs who wish to further utilise digital technologies in their service offering.
  • Utilisation of online communication widens the reach of an SME that offers tailored, in-person coaching.

Overview of the business

Picture of Sophrology logo
Sophrology Wales' logo

Sophrology Wales offers one-to-one and group sessions to a range of individuals, including elite athletes as well as business teams and community groups.

Utilising a range of techniques to overcome and manage stress, fear, sleep issues, and chronic pain, Sophrology Wales is also working with Kent University researching the impact of Sophrology in improving wellbeing.

Superfast broadband adoption

Working across multiple offices, the business looks at how best to meet client’s needs through face-to-face sessions. The principal office of Sophrology is serviced by mobile broadband. However, this brings with it limitations because of a restriction on the data use.

Whilst the speeds achieved are sufficient for day-to-day use of digital technologies (for example, Zoom for meetings), the data limit presents a significant hurdle. In particular, business expansion plans to offer services online cannot be achieved until unlimited broadband adoption is obtained. The business has considered satellite broadband. However, this presents a particularly costly alternative that is considered prohibitive.

Sophrology information flow diagram

Highlighting the internal and external communication flows of the business.

IT skills use

The CEO of Sophrology Wales manages the IT capacity and is particularly active in attempting to change the nature of the broadband offered in the region.

This currently is the principal barrier to further digital technology use as the business has utilised a wide range of technologies since its inception. However, the nature of the broadband available in the region has not evolved in line with the increasing demands placed upon it with progressive digital technology use.

Use of digital technologies

The business has a website that details the services offered and, once data limit issues are resolved the website is planned to be further developed to include resources and personalised log in.

Sophrology Wales has a presence across multiple social media including Facebook and Twitter, utilising these platforms to highlight the practice of Sophrology which is well established in other European countries. Furthermore, the use of Zoom meetings allows the CEO to collaborate with other Sophrology practitioners to undertake training and to troubleshoot complex patient scenarios.

Sessions may take place in person or online, one-to-one, if the person is too far away. The business also makes available pre-recorded sessions online for groups of people with specific needs, such as people who have sleep issues, people who have chronic pain, or people with cancer, going through treatment.

With pre-recording, I can tailor a programme to the needs of a person and send them the relevant sessions, according to their objectives and what they're struggling more with.

Owner, Sophrology Wales

Business performance

The business utilises a range of digital and non-digital methods as the importance of connection with the client to understand their needs is paramount. Despite utilising digital technologies from the start, the aim is to further digitise once data use becomes unlimited.

This will then open a wide range of new services that can be offered including online one-to-one coaching and a subscription service that provides materials to be accessed. Due to the range of personal health needs addressed by Sophrology, the business would need to offer a range of sources tailored to a particular need such as chronic pain management or sports application.