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Business and Professional Services

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The digitisation of a business can significantly increase its reach, better facilitating international trade.

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Arad Research

Cloud-based tools, such as Microsoft Office 365, are shown to promote efficient collaborative document sharing and editing.

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D&S Photographic Services

Robustness of connectivity is shown to be as important as broadband upload/ download speeds for this photography business.

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Little Inspirations Day Nursery

When businesses become more digitally mature, advancements are made incrementally.

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Mango HR

A disruptive HR consultancy helping start-ups and established firms to put together and implement a people strategy.

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Menter Berllan

The community enterprise hub told us that micro businesses do not have IT literacy and need support for digital inclusion.

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NLS Solicitors

Integrating cloud-based packages allows synchronisation across multiple business premises.

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Resources For Change

Highlighting that teams working remotely can reduce costs and increase the talent pool available.

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Sophrology Wales

Online communication widens the reach of an SME that offers tailored, in-person coaching.