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Case studies

We have interviewed small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Wales to better understand their business engagement with superfast broadband services.

Through this process we have developed a selection of case studies:

Accommodation and Food Services

Case studies of accommodation providers and food service SMEs.

Business and Professional Services

Examples of how SMEs are using superfast broadband enabled technologies.


Case studies of building and associated trades SMEs.

Information and Communication

A sample of information and communication sector case studies.


Case studies of manufacturing businesses.

Retail, Wholesale and Transport

A selection of case studies of retail, wholesale and transport businesses.

Case Study Synthesis Report

This report aims to draw out themes from the case study research to inform policy makers, business representative bodies, businesses and local authorities about the future challenges and opportunities linked to digital technology diffusion.

Case Study Synthesis Report

A synthesis of findings from the fifty case studies undertaken.